Numerical Notion

A Sense of feeling


Positive Singularity

This section represents the positive effect of a singularity within a black hole.

The top animation represents the positive creation of earth through a black hole with the idea of the big bang.

The background animation is the mathematical equation for the singularity within a black hole. (Rg = 2GMC2)

The ultimate connection between the animations as one is the artists perception of how this singularity would feel, The connection with movement and music is supposed to give the viewer an exploration into the artists mind.


Stability of Straightness

This section is representative of the artists connecting to numbers and how that view is opposed to others.

Other people may view numbers as logical and straight in order and effectiveness.

The tv invites the viewer into the mind of the artist via the webcam and offers them a window in the artist mind, how unlogical and un straight numbers seem to him.


Divine Representation

This section is linked to the numerical value of 100.

Each animation consists of 100 dots and the movement is ment to ingnite the feeling of what 100 represents.

The artist views this number as a rather calm sense of feeling and this is shown in the motion of animation. This number is not unfamiliar and artist does not mind working with this number.


REpETITIVITY of infinity

The repition within this section is relative to the fuild motion that is encapsulated within the numerical value 8.

This sense of repittion and fluidity is motion the artist sees within a numerical number 8.

One could almost be forced to join in the chant of REPEAT as they watch the fluid motion of infinity repeat forever.


entirety of everything

This section visually represents gravity in terms of the effects and feeling.

The background typographic animation consists of a matrix style animation of the mathamatical equation for gravity.

The main animation is ment to represent the effect of gravity and the instability of a potential loss in gravity. This piece allows for the imagination of the loss of gravity and the feeling and confusion that would follow.

How could numbers possibly have a numerical notion?

This experimental website is set to explore how the artist interpertes numerical values and how to him numbers have a sense of feeling, Most of which create an uncomfortable feeling.

This website consits of 5 experimental sections that invite the viewer into the mind of the artist, With the use of sound, motion and colour The viewer is thrown into a world where numbers loose there tangable connection to their numerical form and numbers become a sense of being, a sense of feeling.

Each section is supposed to portray the feeling of the artist that is associated with the number concept in said section.